Van An dispatch and disclosure of the master about the martial arts Nguyen dynasty

Under the Nguyen dynasty, Hue was dubbed as the capital of martial arts with many martial arts traditions inherited, formed and developed brilliantly. Among them, royal martial arts increasingly developed and occupy a unique position in the course of history.
Season 1: Black tigers and secretly elaborately guarded
Martial Arts - Any name

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In the rain of Hue, we find the Van An martial arts school - a martial arts is considered leg handed down from hundreds of years of Hue court martial arts. Located on the Minh Mang road to the ancient relics and culture located in the West of Hue, the school of Van An from many generations gathered many students, martial arts history. Next to us is Truong Quang Kim, the fifth chieftain, who is the successor, keep the fire and promote the essence of Van An martial arts.

Master Kim said, "If the originality of the martial arts and the important foundations of the Van An martial arts were to begin with the founder of Martial Arts Vo Nguyen Than Nguyen Huu Canh, The spirit of Phu Xuan dynasty. Vo Thau Hau was born into a martial arts family, passionate about martial arts and then went on the military career from the war of Trịnh - Nguyễn. He quit the party in the south. On the other hand, he focused on building martial arts or court martial also known as martial arts. Concerning the issue of the founder of the martial arts line, many documents in the family are also mentioned. It is from here that Vo Thau Hau is considered the ancestor of the martial arts. "

With the keen sense of the martial arts, master Kim told us more about the origin of the martial arts. According to the master, martial arts closely associated with Nguyen dynasties. At that time, the martial arts school divided into two types: One is martial arts (wild) and two are martial arts (books). Vo Lam is wild, everyone can learn and beat. In the feudal period, martial arts masters after receiving martial arts often do the job of heading, escorting goods to others or practicing trượng meaning in the folk. Unlike martial arts, martial arts style court
When fighting martial arts, the martial artist in the set, which is accompanied by four poetry, also known as poetry; In poetry there is poetry and in poetry there is martial art, so it should be called martial art. Moreover, in the martial arts also have to take the entrance examination for the defense of the military or the general. At this point, the preceptor Kim said, many martial arts can still do martial arts or martial arts, but also through examination and training.

Back in time, through the stories of his father and grandfather (both martial arts, Nguyen yam Nguyen), the master Kim's heart, in ancient times as well as other martial arts tips, martial arts tips Kept confidential, absolutely not transmitted out. That is also the way in the martial arts that the great Masters such as Martial Arts Lord Nguyen Huu Canh ever acquired has gradually come to an end. Master Kim recalls: "In childhood, he and his father discussed the martial arts often referred to the martial arts, the ancient defense of the sublime personality makes the" internal non-export " Forbidden City. As time goes by, as well as rules that are only passed on to the family, some of them are only in books. " Even so, with the current styles such as Lei frizzy, lilac flamingo ... martial arts still fascinated people.
According to our understanding, Van An martial arts black tigers are black tigers. Masters use tiger's way to create the elaborate work. Master Truong Quang Kim said: "Previous generations have worshiped as a martial arts martial arts later, because martial arts thought that in human beings, Even more so now that black tiger worship is so vicious. "

Great skill of the defense

Meditating on the majesty of the great forefathers, Master Kim shares more deeply about the suttas, the teachings of Van An. To become talented and take part in the examination of martial arts, those who learned the Nguyen dynasty had to undergo traineeship at a young age. The process of practicing the martial arts through the introduction of the master of the discipline made us sweat, to achieve the body, high-end training requires long-term training. Martialists must go through eight steps. The duration of each step is long or short, depending on the disciplines of each participant. Step one begins the practice of eyeglasses. Most only the public eye of the Van An martial arts to use his hands to train his eyes, the agility to observe the opponent.

Next to practice the means of defense, such as feet, as well as feet, the practice of 44 measures including gắt, support, just, poi, attorney ..., training fees associated with the bowl of money, The quick and effective body of the supremacy is the persistence, the training of the law, the fighting is the most dangerous phase. And the last step for a boxer is to practice the French fighting, but fighting, fighting and fighting freely. In the process of training like so, the old masters or martial arts teacher Van An has a strong internal cabinet, used to bend the three spears, close to the sharp point to the neck and rock Sledge hammer on his back without any damage. Heard here, we began to believe that the ancient martial arts are based, not just rumors or anecdotes.
Indeed, nothing reaches its peak without suffering. In each department divided into small sets, each set has many, many charges require meticulous and the charm with karma. The new understanding, the training of feudal imperial defense was extremely difficult. Moreover, the old masters must know how to elaborate closely with the poems, martial arts with the word (literal) make the power charge more flexible, but no less powerful. That is also the Hue royal style for so long.

Master Kim said, the time of King Minh Mang the martial arts is happening loudly. Successful candidates were put into formation to protect the Forbidden City and the imperial kings. Sister Truong Ngoc Giai in the Truong family, was the chief of the guard under King Tu Duc and was the direct protector of the king. Zhang Yuchia is a martial arts expert, the body as a crane can be hundreds of people.
It can be said, starting from the great master, martial arts have survived the ups and downs of Hue city. The generals who guarded the capital with the supremacy of the body have created endless anecdotes about a more than 200 years of martial art that the Van An martial arts up to now has been one of the most successful martial arts. Keep the first in Hue and rise to the international level.

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