Danang, a Paradise island and sea with Naman Retreat

Danang has become “most ideal” holiday destination in Vietnam. With an excellent international airport and two of the finest golf courses in Southeast Asia, newly unique green resorts on pristine white sand beaches and it gives easy access to The world-famous Hoi An Ancient Town, The Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills entertainment, The World Heritage Sites of My Son Sanctuary and The Imperial City of Hue. Danang offers tourists a unique and memorable experience unmatched throughout the world.

Naman retreat, an art of bamboos with the most exclusive architecture of Vietnam

Naman retreat resort and surrounds, Golf Courses, Son Tra Peninsula, Islands …

Da Nang has received a great number of international achievement such as: one of 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet voted by America’s Forbes magazine; one of the top 52 destinations of Year 2015 voted by The New York Times or No. 1 in the top 10 greatest destinations in 2014 voted by TripAdvisor and so on. These help the number of tourists to Danang has increased by 17.3% in the first quarter of 2015.

Golden Opportunity for Investors

With the advantages of nature, people and climate, it is understandable that more and more investors have devoted special attention to Danang. The city has welcomed 75 registered investment projects in the tourism field with a total capital of about $8.7 billion and a variety of coastal projects of international stature up to now. These continue to create a solid foundation for the development of Da Nang in this field.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – Deputy General Director of Thanh Do Investment Development and Construction JSC., the unit has just launched a high-end resort in Danang named Retreat Naman, said “We are very confident in the tourism development potential of Danang. In terms of a services investor, based on the excellent natural conditions of Danang, we fully believe that we can offer customers the spaces, unique resort services which are quite close to nature”.

The investment opinion above is also consistent with the recommendations of experts from Central Coast Regional Development Coperation Advisory Group. According to many surveys, the natural landscape is always rated as one of the strong points of Danang attracts, which is easy to ingratiate visitors.

Strategies to nature

According to Mr. David Cornish, an American tourist who had a trip to Danang also said: “How great Danang is! People here are very friendly to foreigners. And, natural landscapes are so amazing with white sand and crystal-clear blue beaches stretching away, luxury resorts, but close to nature. I really hope to come back here again and again”.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – a businessman in Hanoi, who has repeatedly come to work in Danang, he always finds a relaxing place close to nature for his family. He says: “Each business trip, the hotel is an ideal staying place to finish all my jobs well. Thus, I always want to find an open, green and unique space to feel completely relaxed, close and connecting all members whenever I go travelling with my family”.

A lot of tourists as Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh or Mr. David Cornish love Danang because they can temporarily leave their busy life at the noisy towns to enjoy the relaxing sound of waves, of winds here.

It seems that Danang could quickly catch this trend of tourists’ psychology. Along the roadside of Truong Sa, there are a range of luxury hotels and resorts and friendly to nature.

Among these resorts, Naman Retreat Resort notably stretches over an area of ​​6 ha designed by a famous architect Vo Trong Nghia. This architecture is emerging as the destination with a newly unique green space. This resort is located right on the route of Truong Sa connecting Danang city with Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Hoi An ancient town, My Son Holy Land and Hue Citadel.

The architect Vo Trong Nghia brought materials such as bamboo, wood and stone in order to create a completely different and original space reserved for Naman Retreat resort only.

Hay Hay restaurant

Especially, Hay Hay restaurant – an art of bamboos with the most exclusive architecture in Vietnam with an area of 1.200m2 serves Vietnamese traditional flavors. With elegant and contemporary design, Conference Hall has a capacity up to 300 delegates offers the most impressive brand new facilities with natural light equipped with the latest technology.

Besides using bamboo materials, the architect Vo Trong Nghia also focus on closer factors to nature such as all panoramic views of resort facing the sea, a swimming pool in the middle surrounded by green lawns, or villas located in front of the sea built by concrete.

Ms. Tran Thu Ky, Development Project Director of Thanh Do company also said: “What we want you to find out and explore at Naman Retreat resort is yourselves, but with a new lens and simply beautiful experiences”.



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