The Biodiversity Value of Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay also has the diverse ecosystem for those who love eco activities besides its beauty that charms everyone, especially the Sunset on the Bay.

Geological environment is platform to develop the other values of Halong such as biological diversity, archaeological culture and other humanistic values.

Halong Bay concentrates biodiversity types especially evergreen forest and tropical rain ecosystem, marine and coastal ecosystem. — Besides, the typical marine ecosystem that only Halong has.

The evergreen forest and tropical rain ecosystem here is very special and abundant with over 1000 plant species including plants in salt-marsh, coast, stone, mountain sides, peaks, caves, rock slits… Researchers at the Wildlife Conservation Society discovered 7 endemic plant species only in Halong: Halong cycas,purple Kho Cu Dai, Halong palm tree, Halong araliaceous bark, Kho Cu dai nhung, Halong Mong Tai, Hai Ve Nu hoa vang. Even endemic plants found before by French, there are totally 14 endemic plant species such as Halong figs, Halong jasmine, Halong song be, Halong White Ginger, Phat Du Nui, Halong orchid…

According to statistics, The evergreen forest and tropical rain ecosystem in Halong and Bai Tu Long has 477 magnolia species, 12 fern species,20 salt-marsh plant species.

Regarding to animal, there are 4 amphibian species, 10 reptile species, 40 bird species and 14 mamal species.

Marine and coastal ecosystem includes wet land ecosystem and marine ecosystem.

The wet land ecosystem (tide area and salt- marsh) is residence of 20 salt- marsh plant species, 169 polychaete worm species, 91 seaweed species, 200 bird species, 10 reptile species and 6 other species.

Marine ecosystem:

* Phytoplankton: 185 species

* Zooplankton :140 species

* Benthic: 500 species, in which there are 300 mollusc species, 200 polychaete worm species, 13 echinoderm species.

According to preliminary statistics, Halong flora and fauna has about 347 plant species with pulse belonging 232 branches and 95 famiies. In totality of 347 known plant species,there are 16 species in the red book. In rare and precious plants, there are 95 medicinal plant species and 37 bonsai species



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