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Halong bay is not only famous for marvelous natural landscape and long history but also rich with externally commercial exchanges. Long ago, Van Hai island were located in Van Don Port where ships of Spainish, Portuguese and Chinese… usually came to trade.

Quan Lan island is far from Ngoc Vung island 16km to the southeast. Curved sandy dunes around Quan Lan island successively run along the island’s length. Sand here is called Van Hai sand in the market. Sand dunes are devided in to 2 layers: white and milk white sand, both are great industrial materials. They both are open-cast and widely distribute. Quan Lan sand has been famous for its high quality for a long time, almost keep a lot of quartz and have ability to cut steel. The crystal and sparkling sand is exported for Japan and some other countries with high economic value.

Stretching out parallel to Quan Lan island, separated by Doi Gate, Ba Mun Island and Primitive Forest is 20km long. It has a narrow width and two tips are sharp like cold steel. This is the only island in the North of our country to have primitive forest with high biological value. It is listed in protected national gardens. There are two main flora layers: primeval and secondary layers alternately make two leaf canopy. In primeval plants, the precious woods such as ironwood, bassia, teakwood… take the greatest amount. Some are tens of years old, three or four people can not embrace. Ba Mun is specially famous for two types of wood: Nghien and Kim Giao- trees growing on limestone mountains. Nghien is grouped into ironwood- hard wood, wood veins like peacock feather. In the past, it was carried to palace to make imperial boats for king. Kim Giao wood has white straight trunks and branches with lofty appearance, used to chopsticks to tribute for kings. It can change color if food is poisonous, so it was favored by kings. It makes more attractions for tourists.

Ba Mun Island is also abundant for fauna, especially rare and precious species such as spotted deer, yellow monkey, white-headed parrot…

Co To island is far from Bai Chay over 100km, Thach Ha commune, Cam Pha town where the port comes to Co To (Dragon port) about 60km. It consists of 32 islands. Two biggest islands are large Co To island ( 10km length and 2.5km width) and Thanh Lan island (9km length and 3km width). In history book, Co To island named Chang Xen.

Looking toward the large Co To island about 3-4 km, it appears like a annular among very blue sky. Sorrounding the island, white sand beaches run the length like a white silk embracing smooth green casuarinas. In westernmost tip of the island, linking white sand is the dark green forest. Whereas, in Easternmost tip is a forest jutting out into sea like a arm embracing the sand beach.

Co To is the unique island which uncle Ho accepted to buil his statue in the place where residents here concentrated to welcome him on 9th, June, 1964. Uncle Ho statue is 9m high, milk white, emerging among the endless blue of Halong space and green of Co To forest.

Co To beach gently slopes with smooth white sand. On the beach, there are countless sparkling and colorful shells with diferrent sizes. They are swept into shore by water, creating a glorious border. Going along the water edge is the forest of wild plants, liana and violet gingseng cluster.

Thanh Lan island opposites to the large Co To island, passing through a canal of 3km width. Thanh lan has been well-known for sugary orange. Gently slope red soil hills are ideal places to grow up oranges. In spring, Thanh Lan island looks like to be dyed with fresh green of the budding orange forest with the perfume of flowers pervading in the air, attracting many swarms of bees. Coming summer, orange leaves turns out dark green, so it covers the whole island with a glittering carpet. The forest becomes juicy orange color and laden with fruits along hillsides in autumn.

Long Chau island is located in the south of Ba Trai Dao islet (meaning the three peaches islet), featuring with stone mountains like windy sails. On a high mountain, a lighthouse named Long Chau was built by French, illuminating all day and night so that boats can travel.

Not far from Bai Tu Long bay is Deu island, the place of red-nosed monkey. The red-nosed monkey is main ingredient for some medicines to prevent diseases including poilo vaccine for children. Therefore, Deu island are invested and developed these monkeys by Ministry of Health. They are cared carefully and fed sufficiently. The monkeys here are very fearless and playful. When people take a look at them, they come in crowd, spy and jump for joy. Being careful raising, they can provide three or four hundreds for medical sector every year.

Tuan Chau is the only land island in thousands of accumulating stone islands in west and southwest of the bay. It is far 2km from Cai Dam and 3km to the west from Dau Go cave. Under the time of king, there is a group of soldiers leaded by a district chief. Therefore, the name of island derived from two words “soldier” and “district chief”. Tuan Chau island has constructed as a modern and world class resort.

With outstanding global values of landscape, Halong Bay was recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1994. Besides, it also highly appreciated in geological and geomorphological value, so the bay was once again recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2000.



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