Amiana Resort Nha Trang – a Paradise on Earth

Idyllic and pristine, Amiana Resort is an astonishing gift from Mother Nature. The resort stretches about 800 meters along a crystal clear coast, nestling in the untouched mountains of NhaTrang City and facing one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. It is a beautiful treble among the cerulean of the ocean, the emerald green of the jungles and the deep blue sky. Despite its discreet beauty, Amiana Resort has to power to enchant any visitor with its sensual attraction.

Wonderful location

Only 8 kilometers from the heart of NhaTrang City lies Amiana Resort. Thus, you can get there from NhaTrang train station or from any other famous tourist attractions in the city. If you choose to travel by plane, it will take you about 45 minutes driving from Cam Ranh Airport to the resort.

In addition to the convenience in transportation, the location is such a great choice for a five-star resort. Amiana Resort in some ways resembles a peaceful oasis surrounded by the deep blue sea and the white sandy coastline. While taking a rest under the eaves of your cozy room, you can catch sight of the whole crystal clear sky of NhaTrang right within your view. At night, you find yourself surrounded by the twinkles of stars mixed with the lights from distant fishing boats. The endless caress of the sea breezes all day and night will soothe even your hardest feelings and turn them into utter peacefulness. Fairly speaking, those praises of Amiana can even be an understatement as compared to its wordless beauty.

Amiana Resort is bestowed with the pristine beauty of the nature where the jungle meets the ocean.

Architect & Design

As the myth goes, ‘Amiana’ is the intentional repetition of the letter ‘A’ which symbolizes a roof. This, in many ways, revokes the feeling of hospitability, stability and comfort, just like at home. From the very start, Amiana Resort was designed on the basis of fengshui. Its architect has been intended to take advantage of the wind, water and the use of natural materials. The majority of these materials is ash trees, coconut trees, bamboos, palm leaves and local stones. Materials are simple though, the ingenious design is true elegance.

Considering the local features of architecture, the architect in Amiana is unique. To everybody’s amazement, the art of arrangement here achievesa great balance between your privacy and the open-air pleasure. In other words, you can indulge yourself in this wonderful nature and in the meantime, feel as if this paradise is only for you without human disturbance. Needless to say, this interesting feature is a great consideration for couples, especially the newly-married who desperately desires a world only for the two.

Service options

Ranging from a 48-square-meter room to a luxury villa facing the ocean, rooms at Amiana Resort NhaTrangare diverse enough to meetvarious needs of customers. Regardless which one you choose, all of the options are harmonious, sophisticated and elegant both in the exterior and interior design.

Deluxe Room. In addition to rooms with king size bed, Amiana further diversifies your options with rooms of twin beds which are called Deluxe Hollywood. These two beds can be combined into a big one on your demand. Moreover, to make it even more convenient for a family vacation, there are 5 Deluxe Hollywood rooms interconnected with another one, which further enlarges the space for the whole family and also maintains certain level of privacy between the interconnected rooms.

Every room on the ground floor at Amiana enjoys two bathrooms, one inside the room and another outdoor one. When you desire to take advantage of the air-conditioned atmosphere, the indoor bathroom will be ideal. In other times when you fancy the beautiful greenish garden, feel no hesitation to take a bath outdoors. (Please note that there is an exception for Deluxe Rooms on the first floor which only feature indoor bathrooms.) Each bathroom is equipped with handcrafted bathtub made from stone and a convenient shower.

Spacious outdoor bathrooms are a real surprise

Villas with ocean view. This villa is comprised of one king bed and a separate living area. Every Ocean villa has an indoor and a semi-outdoor bathroom. Additionally, the available modern equipment and devices make you feel really at home. This will definitely be an ideal option for couples.

Fabulous view from the ocean villa

Family Villas. Each villa features 2 bedrooms (one with king bed like a Deluxe room and another with twin beds resembling a Deluxe Hollywood) with a limitation to a maximum of 4 adults. Bathrooms are also included, of course. Equipped with everything you will need, a family villa is just like a tiny pretty house in a luxuriant garden that makes you feel at home.

A Family villa is just like your own home

Ocean villas with a private pool. Overlooking the ocean, these villas feature three bedrooms (two with king bed and one with twin beds), a private swimming pool and lush green gardens. Each villa includes a small kitchen, a spacious dining area and a separate living area with comfortable sofa and modern television set. In addition to the pool, there are also bathrooms available. You can book this villa for a maximum of 6 adults, which turns out to be rather ideal for a family.

The most special of these Ocean villa is the private swimming pools – a fabulous place for your relax.

Comments from visitors: According to Mrs. Vanda – one of the very first guest of Amiana Resort, she had a wonderful vacation here in Amiana and she is still longing to come back some days. “The charming Amiana imposed a strong impression in my mind. The view is spectacular, and facilities are more than sufficient and convenient. They really did more than what I had expected from a luxury ocean view resort. Everything about it was elegant and sophisticated. The light was just sufficient, bringing about a cozy and charming feeling. The bathroom was a real surprise, I specifically love the idea of taking a bath in a discreet luxuriant garden. What is more interesting, the service at Amiana was attentive to even the smallest details. The tiny but distinguished highlights are what differentiate Amiana from other luxury resorts. Well, Amiana is amazingly unique!” – said Vanda.

Amiana Conference Center (ACC). ACC prides itself as a conference center with the most spectacular location and sceneries in Vietnam. There is just one thing for sure, the spectacular view upon NhaTrang Bay and the distant skylinecan take every breath away. Guests are welcomed at two most splendid lounges namely Ocean Terrance and Bay Terrance. These are also the area for cocktail party, tea break, barbecue and other events on your demand.

Different arrangements of the room can satisfy the diversifying number of guests in accordance with your need.

There are 5 conference rooms with the total area of 720 square meters. The largest conference room is 360 square meters. What is special about this is that its accommodation varies in accordance with different arrangements, as follows:

  • As a theater, it can accommodate 410 guests;
  • With round tables, it can accommodate 320 guests;
  • In a classroom style, it can accommodate 200 guests.

The four remaining conference rooms can accommodate from 72 to 144 guests in the theater style. With these wonderful variation, Amiana is an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, training sections, meetings, celebrations, weddings and many other types of events.


Restaurants. Amiana Resort NhaTrang offers a variety of dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. The chefs at Amiana Resort are real masters in integrating Asian culinary culture into the international movements of food. The core concept is down to a balanced mixture between Italian Ciccetti and a la carte dining. Whether you are having a breakfast (which Amiana prides itself as the most delicious breakfast in Vietnam, or even among Asian countries), or a luxury diner, the courses here can always satisfy your tastes.

For those who fancy traditional Vietnamese food, Amiana strongly recommends its specialty – the famous Angus beef prepared in Australian style.

Bacaro restaurant of Amiana Resort

The restaurant itself enjoys fantastic view of a freshwater infinity pool where diners are always welcomed by cooling sea breezes. The whole restaurant is open-air and close to nature. Pillars are real coconut trees while the stunning ceiling is carved into the shapes of coconut leaves. This wonderful design makes you feeling like having diner under real rustling coconut trees in the nature.

Bar. Service at Amiana sticks to its slogan: ‘Serve anything you want at any time and any place’. Likewise, the ocean view LB’s Bar will definitely remind you of this slogan. You can find almost any drink you desire here. To further enhance their exclusive service, the bar serves you really fine wine (sold by glass), some unique types of malt whiskey as well as innovative cocktails. Whether you choose your seat at the bar or out in the gently windy patio, it will be always an excellent place to enjoy a handmade Cuban cigar while letting your soul indulged in the beautiful melodies of local jazz. And more interestingly, these services are also available right at your room at any time, all you need is just a phone call to the reception.

Exclusive-Bar-Amiana-Resort-Nha-TrangYou can never say no to this exclusive bar

Spa. Nha Trang has a long-standing fame for mud bath and other health care services. Making the most of this tradition, Amiana has further developed them into a series of research-based spa services which serve not only as a relaxation but also as treatment. They are a wonderdul combination between traditional Asian treatment and the modern European scientific methods. Above all, Amiana spa surpasses any other spa considering its elegance and sophistication.

What a cozy atmosphere for your relaxation

Pools. The pools in Amiana are another charming beauty. With a fresh water pool of 700 square meters and another salt water pool of 2,500 square meters, they are able to meet the huge demand of any ages. Specifically, Amiana always put safety in the top priority. Hence, children are expected to attend a swimming class right at Amiana to ensure they have the basic skills of swimming. Once again, this attention to details is a real surprise!

Salt water pool of Amiana Resort


In the past 2014, Amiana Resort NhaTrang was proud to be nominated for the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 as‘Luxury Honeymoon Hotel’.

Apparently, the prizes from World Luxury Hotel Awards aim to recognize some luxury hotels for its world-class service and facilities which become the common standards for other hotels, resorts and spas in the world. And Amiana, thanks to this prize, assures itself as a five-star resort with service excellence and continuous innovation which conform to global standards. This is not only a mere credibility, but also a strong encouragement for Amiana Resort to further enhance their outstanding service and reach the ultimate global service standards.

On the other hand, Amiana Resort is also highly appreciated on Tripadvisor – the world’s largest online travel community. Accordingly, Amiana Resort NhaTrang ranks 7th among a total number of 122 best hotels in NhaTrang, as well as achieves a high level of satisfaction – 91%, as voted by the customers.

Furthermore, Amiana Resort NhaTrang has recently been voted among the Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Vietnam in 2015, recognized by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. This prizeused real comments and reviews of customers on TripAdvisor. Surfing through the reviews, it is not difficult to find tons of praises for Amiana Resort, such as “6 star”, “Wonderful even in the rain”, “Family friendly & Luxury at its best”, “Perfect honeymoon” or “Best hotel in NhaTrang”, etc.

To further add to its fame, Amiana is a familiar name for celebraties in Vietnam. Last year, the wedding scenes in a famous movie were performed in Amiana. These scenes were praised as a fairytale, or even a paradise on earth! Besides, Amiana Resort was where some famous wedding took place, including those of celebraties in Vietnam.


As the story about Amiana Resort NhaTrang comes to an end, one can say for sure that Amiana is a perfect resort in the world. It is only about the design, architect or culinary essence, it is about the outstanding service that is almost nowhere to be found in other hotels and resorts.



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