Evason Ana Mandara & Senses Ninh Van Bay – The Paradises for beauty, health and skin care , Khanh Hoa

If you want to find an amazing and beautiful destination, you should not ignore the Evason Ana Mandara and Six Senses Ninh Van Bay. Especially, since Evason Ana Mandara was established, it has become one of the top Southeast Asian resorts. This resort attracts a lot of tourist, businessmen, doctors and professionals in America, Japan, France, Australia and Germany.

Evason Ana Mandara is Nha Trang’s only beachfront resort situated in Nha Trang’s beachside street which is 1,350 kilometers far away from Ha Noi while Six Senses Ninh Van Bay lies in Ninh Van bay. Coming to these resorts, you will have the huge opportunity to experience various water and land-based excursions. Or you can relax at the peaceful beach or poolside. Evason Ana Mandara and Six Senses have a lot of wide variety of resort’s facilities and services for health care and entertainment. In Nha Trang, you not only have time to relax in private spa but also enjoy the fresh air and trendy design with beachfront setting which has five dining and entertainment areas. Ana Beach House in Nha Trang is definitely amazing to experience. If you go to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, you should visit Bai Nho, which attracts your eyes with a lot of endangered animals such as sea eagles and black-shanked langur monkey. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay also has unique pool restaurants, which are innovated from pool and kitchen. It will give you an interesting memory when you spend time with your family and friends. Six Senses encouraged people to take part in the sustainability protection and reduce the environment impact. In contrast, in Evason Ana Mandara, you can attend the cooking classes in which there are various traditional food recipes to be cooked in every Vietnamese kitchen. Or you can join with our chiefs to enjoy their marketing trips to buy many essentials in the markets of Dam and Xom Mui. Similar to Senses Ninh Van Bay, Ana Mandara also has snorkeling site around Mun Island where the gorgeous underwater world is likely to be discovered.

Besides providing the amazing tour and interesting excursion, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay and Evason Ana Mandara also open variety of health care and skin care programs. Attending the program, you will have chance to learn How to whiten skin and how to be healthy as well as other helpful lessons, advice, moisturizer for dry skin from many professionals. For example, “Jungle Gym” is equipped with a lot of modern facilities. Moreover, you can practice yoga while merging with the nature. As we all know, practicing yoga can help you restore the energy and keep your brain calm. For beauty and skin care, they have new spa treatment rooms with various services, including spa manicure, foot and hand massage, nail care and pedicure. For your fashion skin, you may also learn how to get a tan by the warm sunshine and fresh air here, you also can learn How to remove sun tan naturally when you need.

Miss Phan Quynh Giao, who is spa trainer of Six Senses and the professional in holistic, reiki and acupuncture, said that she had worked for Evason Ana Mandara for over 14 years and she felt lucky to work in her favorite areas. She added that she loved the sea there and made a lot of friends. They would see her when they felt tired and wanted to relax.

The new program of Evason Ana Mandara and Senses Ninh Van Bay give the tourists opportunity to feel relaxed and peaceful. The healthy diet and foods, which are served there help tourists improve their digestion and immune system.

Mr Deepak Rawat, who had a lot of experience in yoga, meditation and learned lessons about spa in Ananda, Constance Ephelia and Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa, confessed that he had worked in many famous resorts and countries such as Six Senses Samui in Thailand, Evason Mai’in in Jordan, Soneva Gili in Maldives but he really liked Six Senses Ninh Van Bay and stayed there for the longest time.



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