Unique cuisine characteristic of Hue city

The delicate ingredients, preparation, and presentation of Hue royal cuisine have long been considered cultural hallmarks of the ancient imperial city.

Tourists often come to Hue and visit restaurants which serve specialities. They find a restaurant not only because of the hunger after the excursion, visiting the scenic and historic places in Hue, but more interesting, they come to learn the culture of this place through the art of food processing and culinary philosophy.

Below are some special dishes I would like to introduce to you, tourists, who are traveling in Hue or planning to travel to Hue. Try them and you will have your own feelings about Hue food as well as Hue city.

1. Com Hen

Components to make Com hen is not simple, it includes a dozen kinds of spices. Everything is harmony; it is just spicy, fleshy, and sweet by water. In Hue, “hen” is not as big as other one but the broth is very charming. A delicious bowl of Com hen is indispensable chili. The Hue eats every dish with chili. They said that this hobby complies with the balance of yin and yang. Weather in Hue is cold; the annual rainfall is large so that people have to eat more chili to bitter cold.

Com hen has in the whole Hue city; however, connoisseurs would know Com hen that is the most delicious is in Vi Da village. Vi Da village is far about 1 kilometer from ancient palace to the southeast. Here, com hen went into poet of Han Mac Tu “day thon Vi Da”. In Vi Da, if you want to enjoy delicious com hen, you should come to “con Hen” - an small “oasis” in the middle of Vi Da. Coming to Hue, if you rows boat from Dong Ba market, it will enjoy interesting feeling. However, com hen is royal specialty, it is very cheap. People here usually have breakfast with Com hen. Com hen is always in the minds of people of Hue or people who have lived in Hue. The foreign guests such as Australian, American, especially Japanese and Korean appreciates that Com hen is very delicious and special.

2. Bun Bo Hue

Hue style not only is the elegant, sophisticated, precise dishes but also feel the spirit of the processor. Coming to Hue, either morning or afternoon, walking along the small streets, people can find easily “bun bo Hue”. Someone must select the correct address with preferred flavor.

The major ingredient to cook “bun bo Hue” is beef and pork. Beef is chosen carefully, pork would be taken from elbow down to the pig’s feet. Then take them washed, shaved pork, boiled them about half an hour. After that, they crush lemongrass and put into the boiling water. “Mam ruoc” will be used with suitable quantity in order to create an attractive scent and charming sweetness.

The Hue is famous for fussy beauty of each dish. “bun bo” bowl seem meager but elegant with sweet broth, white “bun”, few slices of red chilli and lemongrass. Pieces of pork mixed with beef creates delicious dish. The flavor is felt not only by sense but also by smell. In addition, guest must enjoy “bun bo Hue” with banana flower and white basil. Life changes and “bun bo Hue” also has some changes. Although, it has some changes, some differences, people cannot forget special dishes in Hue.

3. Nem lui (Pork with lemon grass)

As one of the famous dishes of Hue, Nem lụi always has special attraction for diners coming from all over the world. Hue people often eat Nem lụi with sweet soups, salads, and cucumber. Or you can eat with noodles, meat, and spicy fish sauce.  The aroma of baked pieces of Nem lui mingles with the scent of lemongrass and sweet taste of sugar cane is incredibly seductive. Today, although Nem lui is common in many places, the taste of Nem lui in Hue still carries distinctive features.  Not only local people like it but tourists travelling in Hue also enjoy tasting it. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Hue, do not forget to enjoy this unique and enchanting cuisine.

4. Banh uot thit heo quay (Steamed rice rolls with roast pork)

On the way from Hue to Da Nang, especially after you finish Bach Ma national park tour in Hue, you will have a chance to enjoy a special food called ” Banh uot thit heo quay ” or Steamed rice rolls with roast pork in Mr.s Suu restaurant. Every day, the restaurant is open from 9 a.m. to  7 p.m. to serve tourists. Five flavors of sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and fatty together fit in one dish. Although Steamed rice roll has now been very popular in Hue, Steamed rice rolls with roast pork here still brings a very special taste that if having a chance to enjoy it, surely you’ll remember its taste forever. With this delicious dish and suitable price 50,000 for each pax, this restaurant is always crowded. Steamed rice roll is not really Hue own dish, but what Hue people make it makes up the brand to the former capital. This is a special dish that visitors can not ignore when visiting Hue.

Above are only four of many special kinds of food in Hue that I would like to introduce to you. Spending some time enjoying Hue food will make your trip in Hue city more complete.



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