Enjoy Ha Noi Pho like the gourmet

Ha Noi Pho is available everywhere in Ha Noi as the townspeople have the strong passion for this delectable soup. You can find Pho in the Viet Nam’s capital all day and night. The bowl of the hot fragrant broth, the thick rice noodles, and the sliced bits of the tender beef or chicken wins the gourmets’ praises. Especially, Ha Noi Pho is said to be more aromatic and appetizing to the guests than any other counterpart.

What ispecial tknow about the pho in Ha Noi?

When walking along almost every street in Ha Noi, you will easily notice many signboards indicating the sales of chicken pho and beef pho. In most situations, the guests will decide whether they want to add the slices of chicken or beef to the fragrant broth.  While telling the cookers how many bowls you want by showing the fingers or saying the Vietnamese numbers, remember to indicate whether you like the chicken or beef along with the number.

There is no strict rule to enjoying Ha Noi Pho, but most people use a spoon and a pair of chopsticks to eat the noodle and slurp the broth. Since the broth can be sweet or spicy, yet very delicious, don’t forget to slurp it. Traditionally, the vinegar, lime juice, and slices of garlic are added to the complete bowl. Due to their preferences, the guests can add more stuff to the set such as the chili sauce and some kinds of vegetables. About the average prices for Pho in Ha Noi, they are around 30,000 – 50,000 VND a bowl.

Where to enjoy best Pho in Ha Noi when you travel to Viet Nam?

Four best addresses for Ha Noi Pho you must visit

First, Yen Ninh Chicken Pho is most noted for the traditional taste of Ha Noi Pho. The shop is mostly crowded even though it features the high price: 60,000 VND for a normal bowl of chicken and 100,000 – 150,000VND for a special bowl of chicken’s hock, wing, egg, heart, etc. Since the condition of the shop looks inadequate to the prices of the Pho, it may discourage some prestigious guests. Anyhow, Chicken Pho Cham in Yen Ninh Shop is still bestselling with the continuous queues.

Second, Hang Trong Pho is the famous address where people eat Pho while holding it on hands. Due to the limited working hours (from 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM), the food stalls are highly visited by the early guests. A special thing about this shop is that people will eat Beef Pho while one hand holds the bowl and another hand uses the chopsticks to take the noodles. They put the bowl to the mouth and slurp the broth. That is the unique style of Hang Trong Pho. Though it’s “hard-working”, it’s delectable with the enchanting aroma.

Third, Bat Dan Pho is the inherited and historical shop that the tourists must visit to evaluate the original Ha Noi Pho taste and the tradition of queuing – the special culinary trait right in Ha Noi. When it comes to your turn, your order the Beef Pho, pay the price, and receive the “reward” – a bowl of mouth-watering Pho with the clear broth, aromatic slices of beef, etc. Having a breakfast at Bat Dan Pho is quite often recommended in Viet Nam Food Tours.

Fourth, Thin Pho serves the oldest and greasiest Pho in Ha Noi. With more than 30 years of experience, Thin Pho establishes its name with the single food choice – the Beef Pho. Following the different technique, this shop creates the greasy broth with the stir-fried beef. The Pho here is sweet, aromatic, and greasy, but many guests do feel addictive to such peculiar taste.



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