Hai Long Junk

The Hai Long junks Experience is an immersion in culture, heritage and natural beauty of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world. Follow us on a journey rich in local color, luxurious surroundings, gracious services and discover the art of Hai Long Junks. Natural wonders and unique cultural experiences lie every turn during this - your most memorable - Vietnam vacation.

Hailong 6 cabins with 4 vessels

Vessels: 27m Long; 7m Wide; 6,8m High
Cabins: 6 Cabins (12m2)

Hailong 7 cabins with 1 vessels


Hailong 8 & 9 cabins with 2 vessels

Vessels 8 cabins: 28,5m Long; 7,5m Wide; 7,5m High
Cabins: 8 Cabins (12m2)
Vessels 9 cabins: 30m Long; 7,5m Wide; 7,5m High
Cabins: 9 Cabins (12m2)

Hailong 14 cabins with 2 vessels

Vessels: 35m Long; 7,8m Wide; 7,8m High
Cabins: 14 Cabins (12m2)

Hailong Daily boats with 14 vessels


Incentives & Events

Meetings on Hailong Junk: There is no better way to avoid interruptions during crucial meetings than holding them aboard one of the luxury Hailong cruise vessels. The Hailong dining area is quickly and easily transformed into a board room-environment equipped with comprehensive meeting facilities and space for up to 40 people. Offering a relaxed atmosphere for business and pleasure, Hailong is perfect for formal or informal gatherings of importance.
Incentives on Hailong: One of the most worthwhile ways of recognizing your most outstanding staff or clients is an all-inclusive incentive cruise with Hailong. A wide range of corporate incentive packages and cruise itineraries are available. Daily itineraries can be structured around meetings and team-building exercises, together with plenty of free time for excursions, fun activities and relaxation.
Events on Hailong: A voyage onboard a Hailong Cruise vessel creates a memorable occasion like no other. Whether an intimate birthday, a romantic wedding anniversary or an impressive company retreat, this is a unique way to celebrate in style. Hailong Cruises’ event management team can arrange it all. From a sparkling gala dinner in one of the most stunning caves in Halong Bay to formal dinners or dinner parties – all can be catered to ensure a celebration to remember.
Charter Cruise: What could be more privileged than a luxury private charter cruise to explore the legendary Halong Bay. Enjoy the freedom to choose your own private cruise destinations and itineraries. Privacy ensures you can stretch your imagination with onboard activities tailored and themed to suite your own wishes.
So whatever your needs are, Hailong Cruises will give you the best quality, services and FUN on the water. For more inspiration on the fun and fantastic things you can do aboard our boats, please contact our sales team.




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