Nhat Le beach – a fascinating seaside landscape

On your North-South journey in Vietnam, there’s a very beautiful seaside landscape that you should not miss when passing by central Vietnam, that is, Nhat Le beach, Quang Binh province

Overall view

Still, on your supposed North-East journey, it’s quite easy to realize Dong Hoi, a nice small town of Quang Binh province alongside Nhat Le River. You may see a nearby beautiful beach, named Nhat Le, and a green Bao Ninh peninsula full of coconut tree shadows & fishing boats on the other riverside, making a fresh water-color painting. After only ten-minute drive across the river bridge, you now have a chance to relax yourself in a magnificent fairy landscape of beach, long-lasting sand banks, blue sky, blue sea, and green coconut tree rows!


Dong Hoi in general and Nhat Le in particular have a monsoon tropical climate with two seasons, dry and rainy ones. Average temperature is 24.6oC, with the lowest of 7.7oC in January, and the highest of 42.2oC in June. The average humidity is 83%/year. In the scorching hot days of dry season, Nhat Le beach is considered Vietnam’s Sahara Desert, somehow stimulating travelers.

Let’s take a round trip 

Taking a tour to Nhat Le beach, you may enjoy a series of interesting relaxation activities. On arrival, you should take a walk alongside the romantic mirror-like Nhat Le River, and let your soul leisurely “drift” with the rippling river waves, so as to feel a poetic sparkling Nhat Le. The early morning is ideal time to enjoy yourself on the long-lasting sand bank, which is compared to “Sahara Desert of Vietnam” to know how hot and sunny it is in Quang Binh, before dipping into the very cool, fresh and blue sea water. 

Not only could you go swimming, but take part in a number of other exciting entertainment types as well. For example, go sand-skating with your friends on nearby sand caverns, boat sailing on the vast clear sea, parachute jumping on the sea, enjoying hundreds of special seafood only found in Vietnam’s central sea zone, and so forth. Believe me, you will soon miss the pure and eventful atmosphere in this beautiful seaside! 

Besides, Nhat Le is also famous for a great deal of beautiful cultural activities and historical sight-seeings. After a series of exciting entertainment kinds, tourists may independently travel around Bao Ninh seaside village, joining an interesting fishing festival, listening to the enchanting folk songs, contemplating  a traditional gentle dance -“bông chèo cạn ” performed by graceful local girls, or visiting fish, tortoise, and trionychid turtle raising farms west of the town, etc. Nhat Le’s cultural tranquintences may lure you from daily busy thoughts and tensions.

For history explorers, a few minutes should be spent on visiting and praying for Mother Suot Statue right in Bao Ninh sand village), a heroic Mother during Vietnam war. A very moved historical site of enormous significance that worths your visit is the place where Uncle Ho Chi Minhand other Vietnam’s high-ranking politic officials stopped by in 1957 during the war against the US. If you would like to come back to the space of Quang Binh’s heroic war in the gone days, you should visit the old Quang Binh village. This has witnessed the severe but glorious fights of the local Vietnamese, attached to a system of underground houses, kindergartens, schools, health-stations, and so on. Returning from the village, the remained emotion of tourists is the profound admiration to the locals’ struggling spirits, and limitless withstanding.




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