Na Nua Vestige Complex

(TITC) - Located in the area of Tan Trao Special National Relic (Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province), Na Nua Vestige Complex include Na Nua Hut, Guards’ Hut, Dong Minh (Ally) Hut, Dien Dai (Radio Transmitter) Hut and meeting hut of the Party’s nationwide officials.

Na Nua Hut

Na Nua Hut (Na Lua Hut) where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from late May to 22 August 1945 to prepare for the General Uprising in August 1945 is situated on the slope of Na Nua Mountain, about 500m to the east of Tan Lap Village. The hut built according to stilt-house style of mountainous people is hidden under the dense trees, adjacent to the source of water and inhabitants, far from highways, easy to attack as well as withdraw.

At Na Nua Hut, President Ho Chi Minh wrote many documents, instructions and plans for the August Revolution in 1945. On 4 June 1945, also at the hut, President Ho Chi Minh convened a meeting of the whole area officers in order to consolidate revolutionary base, establish liberated zone, unify armed forces into liberation army and prepare for conference of the Party’s nationwide officials and National People’s Congress.

On 22 August 1945, Uncle Ho leaved Na Nua Hut for Ha Noi on the roads of Deo Khe, Cu Van (Thai Nguyen Province) while a number of people staying in Tan Trao to command the resistance war, included Pham Van Dong, Le Gian, Hoang Van Thai, Tran Thi Minh Chau...

Guards’ Hut

Guards’ Hut was built about 20m to the east of Na Nua Hut to ensure security of Uncle Ho. Besides there are a range of secret guardrooms surrounding the living and working area of Uncle Ho.

The guard force was divided into some squads with the mission of controlling security, ensuring absolute safety for Uncle Ho and Central Committee of the Party, guiding for the delegates attending in the conference of the Party’s nationwide officials and the National People's Congress

Dong Minh (Ally) Hut

As agreement, on 16 July 1945, one group of Dong Minh Army (in Kunming, China) with secret name of “Deer” parachuted into Tan Trao. The guards built a small hut about 60m from Na Nua Hut for Dong Minh soldiers to live and work. Here Dong Minh Army supplied some weapons for Viet Minh Army, directly trained liberation troops to use mortar, submachine gun, grenade... Dong Minh Hut mark the cooperation between Viet Minh and Dong Minh fronts, express flexible diplomatic policy of President Ho Chi Minh.

Dien dai (Radio transmitter) Hut

Dien dai Hut was a communication place between Viet Minh and Dong Minh fronts. The presence of Dong Minh Army in Tan Trao facilitated Viet Minh Army to update important information about world situation. The hut shows ingenious foreign ability of President Ho Chi Minh, the Central Committee of the Party in taking advantage of Dong Minh Army’s support to conduct the General Uprising in August 1945.

Meeting hut of the Party’s nationwide officials.

According to the instruction of President Ho Chi Minh, a conference of the Party’s nationwide officials was organized in Na Nua forest from August 13-15, 1945. At the conference, a decision of launching the whole people to uprise was given.

To ensure victory of the General Uprising, three principles defined included focus on main problems; unity of all aspects; and timely action. At the conference, Nationwide Uprising Committee was established. The committee promulgrated the Military Order No.1 which commanded the General Uprising nationwide.



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