Công ty Cổ Phần Liên Doanh Sơn Wap Việt Nhật

Wap Viet Nhat Paint Joint Stock Company was established in 1999, after more than 15 years of continuous improvement and development to date. Our company receives technology transfer from advanced countries in the world together with a team of engineers, leading experts in the fields. To eliminate the disadvantages in conventional products, add the advanced features of modern science and technology for new products. Target to bring new generation products to customers with high quality but lowest price. Son Viet Joint Stock Company has become a multi-field business enterprise operating in the country and internationally. There is a production line with a new generation of technology in Japan.

The brand of Wap Viet Nhat Joint Venture Joint Stock Company is closely associated with many high quality building and construction materials produced by the company such as: - Construction of civil, industrial, decoration High quality interior and exterior.

- Production and construction of super-earthquake resistant buildings with Japanese 3D technology

- Produce measurement and inspection equipment using digital laser technology in the construction industry

- Production of paint and waterproof materials, interior decoration materials, high-grade exterior

In that, Son and Wap-Spamo waterproof materials are our strengths:

Paint, Granite (Natural stone), Alkali paint, Super shine paint, Interior Mastit, Exterior, Additive Mastit for ultra-thin surface ... Especially, in 2015, Joint Stock Company Wap Viet Japan Paint Joint Stock Company launches the world's premiere paint products in the world with outstanding features over ten years strength is Son Coloring the Nano; Waterproof diamond coating and waterproof back for basement. This is the leading paint in the application of the most advanced technology of the (Germany, Germany ...) with nanoparticle nanoparticles to protect the paint film is not waterproof, surface bright paint longer than beautiful products. Other paints in the same extreme climatic conditions, gives every construction a clean and mold-free environment.

With the advantages of investment research room full of testing equipment, evaluate the weather durability of products after 10 years, quality control by bar code to each batch of products ...

Wap Viet Nhat Paint Joint-Venture Joint Stock Company - DS is honored to have many customers and large projects using high quality products in recent years.



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