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Coming to the profession as a charm, twenty-two years of Eastern medicine medicine healing patients, more than 20 years working in the field of Oriental medicine, she spend a lot of time sharing with patients, sharing with Their worries in life are also an integral part of her treatment.


With the motto of combining modern medicine and dharma medicine to take care of people's health. Dr. Kim said: We should not promote the shoulder of Oriental medicine and lightly Westerners and vice versa. Should we merge skillfully in each case, in other words, East - West combination will bring better effects for patients. On chronic treatment she gave formula 3: 7 for Western medicine and Oriental medicine.


According to the Ministry of Health, how do oriental herbs have a foothold in the treatment of some chronic diseases, with years of hard work on research, she has been searching and invent many precious medicine, Especially the South medicine. This medication works to balance yin and yang, gums, increase endotoxin as well as exogenous toxicity (side effects of Western medicine, food poisoning, , Cocticoid edema, renal insufficiency 1,2, ....).

Comparing two groups of patients, she found that the group treated with East-West medicine quickly stabilized the disease, had no side effects, quickly recovered health, very good for patients with osteoarthritis chronic disease of chronic bronchitis. Metabolic diseases (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hyperuric hepatitis, premenopausal syndrome, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, Immune deficiency, neurological deficiency, asthenia, constipation are extremely effective, only 5 to 10 days is the root cause, chronic bronchial asthma, chronic heart disease is the disease. Unfortunately, it is not known that the drug can do miracle: 3 to 5 months of taking bronchodilator stabilized in 90% of patients, followed by t 2 to 5 years not to hospital because of shortness of breath ...

When he examined the patient, Dr. Kim was very careful, she went back to the patient after the diagnosis was correct to prescribe drugs. Every day, only 5 people are diagnosed and treated. Standing on the heels of her many years in the profession, she has seen so many patients come to her with varying moods, most of them desperate for a chronic illness. Cure and costly. But by heart, by sharing closeness she not only cured them but also helped them with worries in life, arousing confidence, optimism in the wake of illness and confidence in life. .





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