Công ty TNHH sản xuất thực phẩm Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa Food Produce Co., Ltd., predecessor to Thanh Hoa confectionery, was born in 1991. Through the ups and downs of a traditional industry, in order to keep the core values ​​of the village, Hoa Hoa has established Thanh Hoa Confectionery Company in 1996. Thanh Hoa has maintained, stabilized and developed the profession of a suburban area of ​​Hanoi with a very familiar place name. 

Kim, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi Experiencing many difficulties due to the unstable market economy, but with the anxiety and ambition to retain the traditional village and retain the identity of Thanh Hoa Brand, Thanh Hoa Company has built a brand name. The prestige on the domestic market and abroad with the traditional products such as candy, candy, peanut candy, candy cane ....

With the enthusiastic support of the nationwide distribution network, the sweet welcome from consumers, Thanh Hoa pioneered the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system in 1998. Since then, Medals, gold cups, famous brands, etc ... in turn are received from the state management level with the pride of over 300 staff members.

Through 23 years of maintaining and developing the brand "Thanh Hoa", in 2013, through traditional industry research, Thanh Hoa has boldly renewed the brand in accordance with consumer tastes. The brand "Thanh Hoa" now becomes trademark

"Ai ai" with the slogan "who's back to the sweet". This is a change that has traditionally longed for consumers across the country and the overseas Koreans are living and working in five continents.

Thanh Hoa has moved the confectionery factory to a new location, with a team of experienced, bold innovation of design, packaging ... the dedicated service of hundreds of cadres. Employees in the company, with the desire to bring traditional values, bring sweetness to every customer on the distribution system are professional.





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